An Accidental Tryst With the Best Flowers in the World

It was a bright Saturday afternoon and after a week of stressful work, I thought I needed a good weekend. I prefer to be in outdoors than to sit and play inside the four walls. So, I took my car and went driving. Of course, for an average Portlander, Washington Park is the most obvious choice of place to go out. I had to cross the Willamette River for reaching the place and the scenery of the river mellowed down my stress. After reaching the park, I moved around the zoo and museum. Although I have visited the park many times prior to this time, I have never ventured into the rose gardens of the park. This time I decided to do something out of my ordinary and went inside it. I had always liked roses since my childhood days but I neither had the patience to grow plants nor the time to take care of them.

Being the shutter bug I am, I wanted to click photos of the place as soon as I entered it but unfortunately I did not take my camera and my mobile phone was out of charge. To my astonishment the roses were beautiful and it made me feel wonderful. In particular the miniature roses that were present in the garden grabbed my attention. I did not count the various numbers of plants but I guess there were hundreds of different species of roses in it. There were roses of all colors and shapes. Although my personal favorite is red, I was dumbstruck at the sheer beauty of the roses in white, pink, yellow and what not?

New found love for roses and a resolve to grow them

Although I did not go there to have a look at the roses, I enjoyed them the most. Particularly the miniature roses were the best things to watch and enjoy. After spending a little time amidst all the flowers and the sweet smell of roses, I decided to grow them in my home too. I was not aware of these short varieties which stood at a height of feet or two. Then I realized that I could grow these pigmy plants in my garden without any disturbances.

I was fired up by the idea of having my own rose garden and I spoke with a stranger who was standing nearby. I realized that I can grow these small plants even in my hall. At last I came back to home with a satisfied heart.